Antonio Ballerio
Via Marianda 35
CH - 6926  Montagnola
0041 (0) 91 993 03 10
Contemporary drama (Albee, Pinter, Dürrenmatt…).
Drama elaboration of narrative work by young artists (Bernard Comment…).
Research and interpretation of the work of classic authors ( Shakespeare, Ibsen , Schnitzler…).
Fusion of jazz music and recitation(Comment…)
The company is composed of Antonio Ballerio (director-actor-artistic director) and the actresses Silli Togni and Ketti Fusco and collaborates with other artists from Canton Ticino and Italy (lcostume designer E.Ferrazzini, stage designer E. van der Mejden, directors S. Piccardi e M.Rampoldi, actors C.Moneta, G.Arringa…).
The president of the company is the musician Franco Ambrosetti.
The theatre works with texts to improve the value of their contents by using theatrical components ( direction, actors, scene, lights etc.).